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We actively contribute to the energy transition of the industry through finished lubricants, raw materials, fuels, and process fluids.

Our products have


Lower Global Warming Potential (GWP100)* than conventional lubricants.

* Diesel Engine Lubricants formulated with AVISTA Green Bases
Global Warming Potential (GWP100) – 86% lower
Acidification Potential – 95% lower
Terrestrial Eutrophication Potential – 88% lower
Particulate Matter Formation (2.5μm) – 94% lower
Cumulative Energy Demand (CED) – 94% lower

As a strategic partner, we offer practical solutions that help clients reduce their carbon footprint and support providers in enhancing their capabilities, driving innovation and achieving goals together.

Mass Transport Systems

Oil and Gas



Lubricant and Grease Producers


Food Industry

Thermal Transfer

SUNN offers specialized thermal transfer fluids for maximum energy efficiency and effective reduction of carbon footprint in their processes.

Chemical cleaning system for heat transfer circuits that prevent costly maintenance shutdowns and minimize environmental impact through waste elimination.

We are members of ILMA
Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

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Why They Choose Us

SUNN has been a pivotal strategic ally in our operations; with their support, we have cultivated a remarkable business relationship. We consistently place our trust in their products and services, confident in their quality and reliability throughout our processes. We are gratified to consider them a part of our extended family and rely on their support whenever needed. Our relationship is founded on transparency, consistency, satisfaction, and commitment; knowing they stand beside us enhances every step we take.

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